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SIV.AG | Constellation concludes acquisition of SIV.AG
March 1, 2016

Roggentin, 1st March 2016

  • SIV.AG will continue to act as an independent company
  • Customers, partners and employees will benefit from stability and future strength

The Canadian company Constellation Software Inc. has successfully concluded its acquisition of SIV.AG via its 100% subsidiary N. Harris Computer Corporation, acquiring indirect control after approval was granted by the competition authorities.

"We are pleased that this change of ownership accomplishes an important strategic step towards further joint growth in the European supply market," says Jeff Bender, CEO of N. Harris Computer Corporation: "The integration of SIV.AG into our globally active major group offers sustainable stability, innovative strength and strong future prospects."

Arno Weichbrodt, Chairman of SIV.AG, emphasises that SIV.AG will continue to act as an independent company: "Security and continuity are the foundation stone for our further development as an integrated solutions partner. Working together will give us additional impact and economic strength – for more intensive service management and greater proximity to the market, all of which will benefit our customers, partners and employees equally."