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Cayenta | Cayenta acquires Partner Software
March 3, 2017

Athens, GA and Burnaby, Canada

Cayenta is pleased to announce its first acquisition, Partner Software, as of February 16, 2017.

Partner’s products assist utility engineers with creating documents and plans for construction crews to perform work according to the design specifications. Partner Software’s mobile apps allow utilities to design in the field, for example, designing line extensions, new poles, substations, etc.

“I am very excited to see the combination of Cayenta with Partner Software. In the short term, we will be increasing our product development investment to continue to create market leading mobile field applications, “said Brad Atchison, EVP Cayenta. “We have preserved the executive talent at Partner Software, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted service to their clients. Cayenta and Partner both appreciate the integration that Partner currently enjoys with their customers and software solution partners and we remain committed to expanding that relationship”

Cayenta looks forward to bringing Partner’s suite of products to our existing Harris customer base and expanding their product line to deliver superior field services across the entire utility market.

David Rowe, Vice-President, Partner Software said “I'm very excited to move forward with Cayenta. This acquisition offers a lot of opportunity for future investment in our software development and product offerings.”

About Cayenta and Harris:

Cayenta is a wholly-owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation that provides a fully integrated and comprehensive ERP solution exclusively to utilities and municipalities. Harris is a leading provider of financial management and Customer Information Systems (CIS) software solutions. Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust turnkey solutions to all levels of local government as well as public power and water markets throughout North America. Harris' focus is on creating long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that we meet the changing needs of our customers over time. For further information on Harris Computer Systems, please visit our website at, or call 888-847-7747.

About Partner Software

Partner Software is located in Athens Georgia and started in 1997.They have 30 employees.

To find out more about Partner Software’s products and services, please visit