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Harris Utilities Group is made up of nine companies that have the qualities to meet your specific needs. Our business units are tiered in order to manage all municipalities, big or small. Regardless of the number of customers you serve, we have the solution.

Our Solutions

With more than 35 years’ experience developing best-in-class software solutions, we’ve earned the trust of utilities through stellar service and a rigorous product development process. In each of our companies, we work closely and directly with our utility customers. We listen carefully. We respond swiftly, building and refining each product to meet customers’ evolving needs in a dynamic utility sector. This is the pedigree behind each Harris Utilities software solution.

Harris utilities is a pioneer in the development of advanced CIS/billing solutions including next-generation systems capable of processing the complex billing determinants required with dynamic pricing models. Proven, scalable and highly configurable, our CIS/billing systems feature comprehensive functionality to automate repetitive tasks, digitize paper-based processes and improve revenue streams.

Our systems enables utilities to manage customer information, schedule service orders, create payment schedules, view payment histories and active connections, and much more. Fast and easy to implement—and simple to use—our CIS/billing solutions function in the most demanding environments to increase operational performance and improve customer service.

Harris Utilities’ range of financial management and ERP solutions meet the business, functional and government-compliance requirements of all utilities regardless of size, commodity, ownership structure or regulatory environment. Trusted and proven, these integrated, enterprise-level software suites handle a multitude of operational requirements effectively and efficiently, enabling utilities to:

  • Enter, access and update personnel, revenue-, financial- and operations-management data
  • Monitor revenue, budgets, accounts payable and receivable and other key performance indicators
  • Manage inventories, job costs and operational functions
  • Track human resources functions such as payroll, recruitment and employee benefits
  • Streamline business processes, including procurement, operations, customer service, finance and HR

Harris Utilities’ work order management solutions are essential to help utilities save time and increase efficiency in the execution of both planned and unplanned work activities. A key project management tool, our work-order solutions are versatile and easy to use, enabling utilities to define work, determine availability of inventory and labor resources, assign and schedule tasks, and ensure on-time, on-budget project completion.

Harris Utilities’ mobile service order management solutions integrate fully with our CIS billing systems to generate real-time information in support of improved service delivery and higher customer satisfaction. Enhancing internal communication and collaboration through a centralized system accessible across the utility, our solutions simplify scheduling and the assignment of tasks, and efficiently track service order status, costs and responsibilities. Service orders can be issued automatically in support of a variety of billing, collections and safety activities—for example, to conduct maintenance and connect or disconnect service.

MeterSense is a sophisticated, cost-effective and mature MDM solution that’s easy to implement, simple to use and painless to upgrade. The brains of a smart grid implementation, MeterSense is the most important component in a utility’s smart infrastructure. MeterSense links staff and operations seamlessly to other key applications—including the CIS, AMI and AMR—through configurable, intelligent workflows.

Launched in 2009, MeterSense is trusted and proven to improve utilities’ operational efficiency, expand revenue, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and enhance system performance and reliability. Electric, water and gas utilities throughout North America and the Caribbean rely on MeterSense to quickly manage and intelligently interpret growing volumes of critical smart meter data. Designed on an open framework, MeterSense integrates smart-grid data seamlessly with any enterprise utility system to provide advanced customer engagement and analytics capabilities that maximize smart grid investments.

SmartWorks Compass is a utility decision management solution that delivers the benefits of smart infrastructure investments to electric, water and gas utilities. Comprised of robust analytics, metrics, visualization and automation tools, SmartWorks Compass enables utilities to maximize return on investments in their smart infrastructure by seamlessly converting massive volumes of data into powerful insights and automated actions.

SmartWorks Compass:

  • Delivers real-time business intelligence by correlating data from various utility enterprise operations and displaying a holistic view of the grid through easy-to-understand visualization tools
  • Automates repeatable processes enabling utilities to manage and respond to events with speed, precision and consistency
  • Measures the financial and operational impact of utility decisions to better define and improve future actions
  • Empowers utility staff to make better informed financial and operational decisions

Harris Utilities’ customer engagement systems transform the way utilities interact with consumers. They provide direct access to account information and offer personalized account management tools that allow consumers to track their consumption patterns and set usage and budget targets. Our consumer engagement systems deliver a simplified experience, presenting consumers with all the information they need to make smarter resource choices, save money on their utility bills and help conserve the environment. With greater control of their accounts and resource use, consumers drastically reduce demands on utility CSRs.

The modular construction of our consumer engagement systems gives utilities the freedom to select specific applications and add-ons that are essential today, then grow the solution as their needs evolve. Our consumer engagement solutions are open, easy to implement, and function with all utility billing, CIS, MDM and AMI systems (including all Harris products).

inCharge makes payment delays a thing of the past by enabling consumers to pay up front for services. Implemented as part of a utility’s billing, payment and meter-management portfolio, the solution also helps collect previously written-off debts by allowing consumers to settle old balances while paying in advance for services.

inCharge forges a direct and tangible link between the resources consumers use and the money they spend, helping them keep tight control over household-use patterns. When integrated with Harris Utilities mobile app, inCharge improves customer relations even more by enabling direct and immediate communication with users on the go; for example, to notify them of pending billing dates and low account balances.

The solution supports metered and non-metered services and works perfectly in any utility environment—regardless of size, commodities distributed or hardware and software used.

Go, our mobile app, gives utilities a remarkable new way to enhance service and communicate directly and immediately with customers. Convenient and simple to use, the app can be deployed quickly and is fully compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices. Send notifications to keep customers up to date on important news, such as outages and billing. Educate consumers about conservation measures to guide their usage behaviour. By placing control in the hands of consumers, the app reduces customer service interaction by empowering end users to quickly resolve routine billing, consumption and account management issues on their own. The app is fully configurable and customizable to the needs of each utility, and integrates seamlessly with any utility environment.

Harris Utilities’ retailer billing solution is ideal for energy retailers seeking a customized, managed service to reduce operational costs and improve customer service. Quick and easy to implement and operate—and fully compatible with all enterprise utility software systems—the solution provides end-to-end billing services, including meter reads, invoicing, payment processing and collections. Harris Utilities’ solution also enables energy retailers to calculate complex rates and offer innovative pricing options and products to customers.

Harris Utilities’ managed services offer proven, cost-effective billing, business intelligence and information support to help competitive energy retailers and utilities maximize existing IT investments in a unique online approach.

Our utility billing and customer care solution provides end-to-end services, including meter reads, rate calculation, billing, invoicing, payment processing and collections. With our enhanced utility billing and rates service, our customers gain the power and accuracy necessary to handle dynamic pricing and other complex rate cases and calculations.

We also offer innovative strategic and operational consulting services in implementation, feasibility analysis of new products and rates, business intelligence, and customized reporting and analytics.

Flexible and scalable, all our managed services offer a low-cost, low-risk way to improve and enhance current utility infrastructure capabilities.